Weight Management

Your doctor may have told you to lose weight, or you yourself may think you need to lose pounds to be healthier.

Embarking on a weight loss program can be confusing. Patients are not sure what kind of program to follow to find a healthy diet and exercise regimen. The multidisciplinary team led by Dr John Chuke helps guide you through this process. We start by performing a comprehensive evaluation which consists of learning about your past medical history, including your weight, and determining if any medical conditions are causing your extra weight.

A personalized program of behavior modification, nutritional education and physical activity to reinforce lifestyle changes are developed with the patient. We also offer partial meal replacement plan which is ideal for people who want a simplified medical weight loss regimen.

FDA approved appetite suppressants are also available to program participants if they meet the guidelines.Most insurances cover costs of physician consultations and lab testing for weight loss management. Meal replacements are not covered by insurance and are offered at a reasonable rate.

Please call the office at 301-217-0979 for details.

Our Partial Meal Replacement Program is ideal for people who want a simplified medical weight loss plan.The streamlined but supportive program has three main components:

  • A personalized and convenient diet plan with meal replacement shakes
  • Physician-led group meetings
  • Ongoing weight management training
There are no hidden fees or contracts.

The price of the program is $199 monthly which include the cost of medications if necessary. Cost of the medically supervised diet is not included

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